Deadline Date: Saturday, February 13 (Midnight)

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  • AUDITION EXCERPTS (click below):
    9th & 10th Grade
    11th & 12th Grade
  • Please view your Audition ID# (This is different from the 1st round audition)

All State Orchestra & Band Event:

  • April 15 – 17, 2021 at Classic Center, Athens, GA

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Below is a compilation of student performance video uploads!
There are two parts. Please click on the picture. Hope you will enjoy!

Winter Virtual Showcase Part-1

Winter Virtual Showcase Part-2

Congratulations to the following students for passing the first round of All-State Auditions!
They will now move on to the Final Round of All-State Auditions in February!

Choi, J.J. 11 Bass
Chong, Katherine 10 Violin
Davaadalai, Maralgu 9 Violin
Gan, Abigail 12 Violin
Gotlin, Zoe 12 Violin
Ha, Irene 10 Violin
Han, Dayoung 9 Cello
Han, Seungmin 9 Viola
Hong, Aidan 11 Violin
Hong, Annie 10 Violin
Hsieh, Sunglin 12 Violin
Janarthanan, Nyneishia 9 Violin
Jeong, Yeoneui 9 Viola
Kim, Abigail 10 Violin
Kim, Charles 10 Violin
Kim, Clara 12 Viola
Kim, Ellen 9 Viola
Kim, Gueri 10 Viola
Kim, Jeniffer 11 Violin
Kim, Lee 10 Violin
Kim, Theodore 9 Cello
Ko, Ethan 10 Violin
Koduri, Sachith 10 Viola
Koh, Noah 11 Bass
Lai, Venecia 10 Cello
Lee, Kai 10 Cello
Lee, Laura 11 Cello
Lin, Isabella 10 Violin
Malempati, Meghana 10 Viola
Matharu, Aarya 11 Cello
Mo, Amy 10 Violin
Narvekar, Vihaan 9 Violin
Newton, Emma 10 Cello
Niu, Alina 10 Violin
Seo, Jason 10 Viola
Singh, Adhya 11 Violin
Summers, Madeline 12 Bass
Tang, Jessica 12 Cello
Wang, Amie 12 Violin
Woo, Brian 10 Viola
Xu, Jeffrey 9 Violin
Xu, Nicholas 9 Viola
Xue, Raymond 9 Viola
Yoder, Ava 9 Violin
Yoon, Xander 11 Violin
Young, Chelsea 12 Viola
Zhu, Youyou 9 Violin

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The Annual JCHS Orchestra “Winter” Concert was held on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 at 7pm. 
To watch the archived “LIVE STREAMING” click on the YouTube link blow:

Stage Set.  Getting Ready for the Concert.
Johns Creek High School AV/Video Team Getting Ready to Stream Live.

Winter Concert – PREVIEW

“America the Beautiful” VIRTUAL Performance

“Over the Rainbow” VIRTUAL Performance

Click on the picture below to view full issue.

JCHS Orchestra “Fall” Student Recital – VIRTUAL

JCHS Orchestra Students play in the Hall Way

All State Orchestra Event

  • Application Deadline Date:
    Friday, October 16
    ($25 online payment)
  • First Round Audition:
    – Saturday, December 5
  • Final Round All-State Audition:
    – Saturday, February 13, 2021
  • All State Event Dates:
    – April 15 – 17, 2021
    Classic Center, Athens, GA

Activity Fee, Trip Fees, etc… can now be paid with Credit Card.




“Bigs & Littles” Sign Up

Hi everyone! Leadership is starting to create our Bigs and Little lists for this year. (Underclassmen will be assigned an upperclassman as a mentor and for Bigs and Littles events) Please fill out the google form so we can start making our list! ____From Student Leadership

Thank you to all those who have applied to serve on the Volunteer Team next school year!

2020-2021 Leadership/Volunteer Staff:


  • Operation Manager (s) – Laura Lee & Elizabeth Douglas
  • Administrative Assistant (s) – Arya Sheth & Ananya Shetty
  • Secretary – Carly Yin & Elizabeth Pitter
  • Classroom Facilitators
    TBD – Sinfonia
    Pooja Nagamohan (Philharmonia)
    Adhya Singh (Chamber)


  • Facility/Equipment Manager (s) – Chelsea Young & JJ Choi
  • Publicity Manager (s) – Abigail Gan & Radhika Uchil
  • Chief Student Activity Leader (s) –  Aarya Matharu & Izzy Nolton
  • Technology Officer (s) – Lillie Hayes & Cal Walrath
  • Head Librarian (s) – Anna Kim & Christine Park


  • Facility/Equipment Staff –
    – Brian Woo
    – Dhruv Kulkarni
    – Ethan Loy
    – Noah Koh
    – Tatum Havard
  • Publicity/Newsletter Staff –   
    – Anushka Sharma
    – Clara Kim
    – Kelly Feng
    – Keneh Nwizugbo
    – Naya Patel
  • Student Activity Staff –  
    – Abbi Kim
    – Amie Wang
    – Dubem Nwizugbo
    – Margaret Wei
  • Technology Staff –
    – Ansh Shah
    – Kavitha Kuppuswamy
    – Lara Vaid
  • Librarians –
    – Alina Niu
    – Amy Mo
    – Emily Kim
    – Irene Ha
    – Jason Seo