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We will be holding a Fine Arts Signing Day on May 10th, 2023 for all of our Seniors who will be continuing on in the arts for college or their next step. We ask that you have any seniors fill out this form by this Friday (HARD DEADLINE) to REGISTER be included in our ceremony. You do not have to be included if they do not want to.

Link to registration form:

Congratulations! Fulton County Schools is a recipient of the 2023 Best Communities for Music Education award from the NAMM foundation! This marks twenty-four consecutive years of receiving this prestigious distinction.

The Best Communities for Music Education designation is awarded to districts that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. The review process includes detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program, and community music.

Responses and data are verified with school officials and audited by The Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas.

Annual Orchestra Banquet – Friday, May 5 at 6:30pm in the JCHS Cafeteria

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Do you love our Johns Creek High School Orchestra? Do you care much about our orchestral program? We are looking for students wo wish to serve on the Johns Creek High School Orchestra Leadership/Volunteer Team for next school year (2023-2024).

If you are interested, please click on the link below. Deadline date is Thursday, April 20 (4pm)

Annual Orchestra “Spring” Concert will be held on Tuesday, April 25 at 7pm in the JCHS Auditorium

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Congratulations to the following Johns Creek High School Orchestra Students for being selected to the prestigious Governor’s Honors Program!!!

Seungmin Han – Viola/Strings – MUSIC
Yeoneui Jeong – Viola/Strings – MUSIC
Geonhee Lee – Violin/Strings – MUSIC
Youyou Zhu – Violin/Strings – MUSIC

Click HERE for complete trip information(as of 3/15/23)

All three orchestras (Sinfonia, Philharmonia, and Chamber) received five (5) straight “Superior” ratings at the annual GMEA District V Orchestra LGPE!

The Johns Creek High School Orchestras received straight “Superior” ratings every year since its opening (in 2009)

Congratulations to the JCHS Cello Choir for their outstanding performance at the GMEA-In Service Conference!


Congratulations to the following JCHS Orchestra Students



The concert will begin at 7:00pm




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DATE: Saturday, January 14th
PLACE: Westminster Schools



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Thanks to everyone that participated!!!

Pictures from the car wash will be available soon!!!

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Great Food & Great Company!
Bring the whole family and friends!!!

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Great concerts and wonderful time!!!

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What is the Midwest Clinic All About:

The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference offers guests interested in music education an array of clinics and exhibits, as well as access to music and teaching icons. The conference will also focus on industry trends and future topics in business and music education. With more than 18,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than 40 countries, The Midwest Clinic offers music educators and musicians alike an unmatched networking opportunity.

In 1946, a group of 120 music directors came together at a Chicago YMCA to share their knowledge of music and develop new ways to teach it. This gathering quickly grew and expanded into one of the best music conferences in the country, and perhaps the best music, band, and orchestra clinics in the world. Expounding on the original goals of the first gathering of music educators, The Midwest Clinic now exists with the following Mission:

  • Raising instrumental music education standards by advancing pedagogical methodologies
  • Developing innovative teaching techniques
  • Assisting those interested in music education in their professional work
  • Presenting the newest available repertoire for bands and orchestra
  • Holding clinics to better music education

CLINICS – Band and Orchestra clinics offer attendees the opportunity to receive specific and detailed information about a wide variety of subject matters. From the best way to tune your instrument to the next innovation in music performance and education, music clinics hosted by The Midwest Clinic offer guests an in-depth look into a topic of their choice.

READING SESSIONS – This segment of The Midwest Clinic showcases live bands and orchestras performing highlights of the year’s new music pieces. Attendees can take notes during the music clinic about what they are hearing, and decide what may be best for their group in the upcoming year.

REHEARSAL LABS – These informative sessions are a live rehearsal for attendees to observe and learn the best teaching practices currently in action. Be a part of the clinic’s “live group,” interacting with techniques and strategies from around the world. Take what is learned from The Midwest Clinic and make it part of your repertoire.

WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCES – The Midwest Clinic also showcases professional musicians, adult ensembles, colleges and university bands, high school and grade school students, orchestras, community bands, and jazz bands!

Leadership/Volunteer Team Announced

2021- – 2022 School Year


Congratulations to the following Orchestra Students for being the Finalists to 2022 GHP Program!

Isabella Lin – Violin
Jason Seo – Viola
Jeffrey Xu – Violin

Alina Niu – Mathematics
Ananya Shetty – Mathematics

Congratulations to JCHS Orchestra Students!

All three orchestras received Five (5) straight “SUPERIOR” ratings at the GMEA District V Orchestra LGPE!

Congratulations to Sinfonia, Philharmonia, and Chamber orchestra students!

Great job!!!

Click on the link below to obtain 2022-2023 Class Placement Audition Info:

2022 GMEA High School All-State Orchestra Members

We are also very proud of all the students that auditioned this year!



Click below to watch the Hallelujah Chorus Rehearsal Video

Click below to watch the Winter Concert Video

Congratulations to the Following Johns Creek HS Orchestra Students
for being selected to 2021 Fulton County HS Honor Orchestra!!!

Abhay Shetty Violin
Abigail Kim Violin
Alina Niu Violin
Amy Mo Violin
Andrew Han Viola
Annie Hong Violin
Ansh Shah Violin
Arjun Renjith Cello
Brian Woo Viola
Charles Kim Violin
David Zhang Violin
Ellen Kim Viola
Emily Kim Viola
Ethan Loy Viola
Evelyn Zhang Violin
Frank Liu Violin
Isabella Lin Violin
Jason Seo Viola
Jeffrey Xu Violin
Kai Lee Cello
Katie Chong Violin
Kyle Jeong Viola
Matthew Seo Cello
Meghana Malempati Viola
Michelle Chae Violin
Nicholas Xu Viola
Sachith Koduri Viola
Seven Deng Violin
Theodore Kim Cello
Venecia Lai Cello
Youyou Zhu Violin

The Fulton County HS Honor Event will take place at Chattahoochee High School on Nov. 15-16.
Click HERE for complete info!

Orchestra Movie Night in the Orchestra Room.
Pizza will be served at 3:45pm
The movie will begin at 4:00pm

10/27,  10/28,  11/3, 11/4, and 11/5

From 3:45pm – 4:45pm

Click on the link below to sign up:

Congratulations to the following orchestra students!




Orchestra Hoodie & Crew Shirt Order

Deadline Date to Order is:  October 14

  • Hoodie – $32
  • Sweat Shirt – $22
  • Click HERE to place your size
  • Click HERE to make payment for – SWEAT SHIRT ($22)
  • Click HERE to make payment for – HOODIE ($32)
  • ===================================

DATE:   Tuesday, September 28, 2021
TIME:    7:00pm
PLACE:  JCHS Auditorium
Admissions:    FREE

  • Click HERE for more information
  • Click HERE for complete information

Chamber/Upbeat Music Ensemble Club

This is a new orchestra music club formed with a purpose of performing/recording online as well as performing “In-Person.”
Invitation to join the club was sent to all current orchestra students via website and via classroom announcement.

Here is the member list for 2021-2022 school year:

Abigail Kim – Violin
Charles Kim – Violin
Jeffrey Xu – Violin
Isabella Lin – Violin
Katie Chong – Violin
Youyou Zhu – Violin

Jason Seo – Viola
Kyle Jeong – Viola

Arjun Renjith – Cello
Theodore Kim – Cello
Venecia Lai – Cello

Vivian Vo – String Bass

DEADLINE DATE:  NOW CLOSED (Thursday, September 2nd)

Click on the link below to access excerpts (for Phil and Chamber)

Seating Auditions for Chamber/Philharmonia/Sinfonia Orchestra (initial seating auditions ONLY)
Students will play two assigned scales and arpeggios of three octaves (two octaves for string bass),
prepared excerpt given by the director, and sightreading music. (Audition info to be updated)

VIOLIN –  G Major scale with arpeggio 
   A Melodic minor scale with arpeggio 
VIOLA –   C Major scale with arpeggio 
   D Melodic minor scale with arpeggio 
CELLO –   C Major scale with arpeggio 
   D Melodic minor scale with arpeggio 
STR. BASS –   G Major scale with arpeggio 
   F Melodic minor scale with arpeggio 
VIOLIN –  Bb Major scale with arpeggio
 G  Melodic minor scale with arpeggio
VIOLA –  F Major scale with arpeggio
 D  Melodic minor scale with arpeggio
CELLO –  F Major scale with arpeggio
 D  Melodic minor scale with arpeggio
STR. BASS – Bb Major scale with arpeggio
G Melodic minor scale with arpeggio
  • You MUST upload your EXCERPT via Flipgrid upload.
    Please click HERE to upload your EXCERPT
  • You MUST also upload your SCALE via Flipgrid
    Please click HERE to upload SCALE

For Winds & Percussion Players

  • Click HERE for more information

Annual Orchestra Potluck Dinner will start at 6:30pm in the JCHS Cafeteria.

  • Bring your favorite dish to share with others.
  • Bring your entire family. Everyone is welcomed!
  • Orchestra meeting/information will be shared

Please RSVP via contacting Mrs. Jennifer Natchus at

  • Click HERE – Message from Mrs. Jennifer Natchus (VP/Potluck Dinner Event Coordinator)
  • Click HERE to view past Potluck Pictures

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Johns Creek High School Orchestra Concert Uniform

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Lina Jing at