2019-2020 Leadership Team at GSU Summer Leadership Institute

2020-2021 Orchestra Student Leadership

Management Team

  • Operation Manager (s) – Laura Lee & Elizabeth Douglas

  • Administrative Assistant (s) – Arya Sheth & Ananya Shetty

  • Secretary (s) – Carly Yin & Elizabeth Pitter

  • Classroom Facilitator (s) – Pooja Nagamohan and Adhya Singh


  • Head Librarian (s) – Anna Kim & Christine Park

  • Publicity Manager (s) – Abigail Gan & Radhika Uchil

  • Student Activity Manager (s) – Aarya Matharu & Izzy Nolton

  • Technology Officer – Lillie Hayes & Cal Walrath

  • Facility/Equipment Manager (s) – Chelsea Young & JJ Choi

Volunteer Staff

  • Librarians – Alina Niu, Amy Mo, Emily Kim, Irene Ha, and Jason Seo

  • Publicity/Newsletter Staff – Anushka Sharma, Clara Kim, Kelly Feng, Keneh Nwizugbo, and Naya Patel

  • Student Activity Staff – Abbi Kim, Amie Wang, Dubem Nwizugbo, and Margaret Wei

  • Technology Staff – Ansh Shah, Kavitha Kuppuswamy, and Lara Vaid

  • Facility/Equipment Staff – Brian Woo, Dhruv Kulkarni, Ethan Loy, Noah Koh, and Tatum Havard

Leadership Team and Volunteer Members


Operation Manager:

  • Communicate between Mr. Kim, Leadership Team, and Parent Boosters

  • Coordinate orchestra activities (sectionals, student activities, etc…)

  • Lead Leadership Team meetings and help set future goals

  • Make classroom announcements

  • Assist Mr. Kim with taking class and after school attendance

  • Provide assistance to Mr. Kim when needed

Administrative Assistant:

  • Assist Operation Manager

  • Coordinate Orchestra Fundraisers

  • Liaison between Orchestra Parent Boosters and Students

  • Coordinate events with Publicity Manager

  • Communication (via Email, Student Facebook, etc…)

  • Manage Orchestra Student Facebook account with Secretary and with Publicity Manager

  • Coordinate Technology-related Instructions (website, video/audio activities, etc..)

Secretary :

  • Keep minutes of all leadership meetings

  • Communicate with all members of orchestra regarding ALL orchestra-related functions/activities

  • Help manage all social media with Administative Assistant and Publicity Staff

Classroom Facilitator:

  • Assist Mr. Kim in taking daily attendance

  • Make daily announcements

  • Facilitate classroom management

  • Maintain clean orchestra room, practice room, and instrument storage rooms

  • Organize Orchestra Room for class/rehearsals/concerts

  • Setup and break down stage for rehearsals/concerts

  • Collect equipment (tuners, rock stops, etc… ) after rehearsals/concerts

  • Organize/store equipment (keyboard, amps, music stands, etc….)

Head Librarian:

  • Organize/Coordinate sorting music (Sinfonia, Philharmonia, Chamber, Symphony, chamber music, etc…)

  • Distribute/collect music for rehearsals/concerts

  • Organize library/practice room

  • Set procedure for cataloguing/organizing music

Publicity/Newspaper Manager:

  • Inform Johns Creek Community regarding concerts and special events

  • Manage and operate quarterly Orchestra Newsletter

  • Coordinate events with the Orchestra Administrative Assistant

  • Take pictures and record orchestral activities

  • Help manage all social media with Administative Assistant and Secretary

Student Activity Manager:

  • Organize monthly student activities

  • Help plan for Potluck Dinner and Banquet activities (i.e. paper plate awards)

  • Take pictures and record orchestral activities

  • Manage archives of orchestra pictures

  • Plan logistics with Equipment/Facility Manage

Technology Officer:

  • Coordinate orchestra activities with Leadership Team

  • Provide assistance to Leadership Team with social media and technological issues

  • Coordinate with Publicity and Activity Leaders to manage electronic newsletter, audio, photos, videos, and with technology-related platforms

  • Promote JCHS Orchestral program through various social media outlets including JCNN

  • Support and assist with technological issues and production

Facility/Equipment Manager:

  • Organize and maintain rehearsal room and concert venues

  • Assist Mr. Kim and Officers with rehearsal setup, concert logistics and other logistical needs

  • Maintain instrument and equipment inventory, transportation, storage, and care