Fundraiser Chair  :

Serene Gan

Phone: (925) 548-4663

  • Congratulations to the following students for being TOP Fundraisers!!!

    Overall No.1 seller:  Ansh Shah (over $300)
    Overall No.2 seller:  Katherine Romero
    (over $300)
    Overall No.3 seller:  Abby Gan 
    (over $200)
    Overall No.4 seller:  Pablo Mercado
    (over $200)

    Top Sinfonia Student:  Katherine Romero
    Top Philharmonia Student:  Ansh Shah
    Top Chamber Student:  Abby Gan

Important information :

School ID:  2368
Please make Checks Payable To: “JCHS Orchestra”



  • Click on “Student Registration“Enter your School ID (which is 2368)
  • Enter Parent Information & Create User Name and Password
  • Add Student Information (Use Student ID located on the top left corner of your order form)
    Once you register your information, the site will then send you an email that you can send out to family and friends telling them about this great fundraising opportunity!

Sale Ends on:  Thursday, September 5

DELIVERY DATE:  Thursday, September 26th